Bible Focus

Bible Focus- Titus 3:1-2

When I was younger I remember a saying my dad had, “Act your age, not your show size”. My dad wanted me to grow up and act more maturely every year. It would be a problem if I claimed to be fourteen years old and still cried every time my supper was delayed- Yet it is totally understandable when a baby acts that way. If we make a claim of being a certain type of person, then we need to live according to that standard.

For instance, I find it ironic in the United States of America right now that those who proclaim to have voted against anger and hate on election day are acting very angry and hateful as they riot in protest against the president elect: Donald Trump. They are acting very hyprocritical.

In the same way, Paul is telling Titus of his duty to remind the believers in Crete that they need to act like the children of God. Apparently, some of the people were not acting according to the standards of a follower of Jesus. They were being hypocritical.


How does a follower of Jesus respond to our authorities?



What authorities are we to submit to?



How does a follower of Jesus act towards those around him?



What kind of men are we called to respond in this way?



In your opinion, in what areas do Christians act most hypocritically today?